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I was born and brought up in Kota Bahru,Kel,Malaysia From a very young age I was very interested in cooking. My sisters were all married by the time I was ten it fell on me to help my mother to do the household chores. Slowly I started cooking. After doing our household chores I go and help our neighbour Mok Wan who happened to be a kuih seller, helping her with the task of grinding rice, beating eggs, peeling onions and packing the kuihs usually fell on me for just 20 cents. Mok Wan was very good in making all those traditional Kelantanese kuih whicn are known for their variety and distinct taste. It was she who give me the best lessons in Malay culinary arts. It have been years since she passed away but her art of making kuih is still with me. It was my mother who gave me the lessons in Indian culinary arts, I helped her cook, learning all the time without realising it. Every time when I cook for my friends, the first thing they ask me is "Did you learn cooking?" Far from protesting vehemently that I was self-taught, I must admit I that I gained my knowledge of cooking partly from my family, partly from helping people who are masters of their arts and partly from cookery books.

Saturday, April 27, 2013



600 gm ikan tongkol

4 cawan santan pekat

100 gm kersik

2 sudu makan rempah kari daging

2 keping asam gelugor

2 helai daun kunyit,mayang

2 tangkai daun kari,jika suka

1/2 cawan minyak

Garam dan gula secukup rasa

Bahan kisar

12 tangkai  lada kering,buang biji

8 ulas bawang merah

4 ulas bawang putih

2cm halia

2cm lengkuas

3 batang serai

1. Panaskan minyak dan tumis bahan2 yang dikisar hingga naik minyak.

2. Masukkan santan,kersik,daun kari jika guna,asam gelugor,garam dan gula kacau rata.

3. Biarkan kuah kering sedikit baru masuk ikan dan kacau rata. Last masuk daun kunyit dan masak hingga naik minyak.


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